I’m Colleen Pizarev, and becoming an artist is my Second Act.  After spending more years than I care to count as a global public relations executive, I decided to retire.  After the usual angst about what on earth I was going to do with myself for the rest of my life, I tried a drawing class, which in turn led to some painting classes. That naturally led to studying technique weekly under a well-known local artist, and many hours before my easel at home, practicing, practicing, practicing.

To my astonishment, I soon discovered that people want to buy my paintings.

All proceeds from my pastels and oil paintings are donated to various charities. If the sale is private, the charity is a mutual decision.  If the sale is from an art show, or from an online platform, then I choose the non-profit. It’s win-win all around – especially for the worthy programs the proceeds support.

This blog is about that journey – how I am transforming myself from seeing the world through a cynical PR lens, to being able to not only see the beauty around me, but to recreate it for the enjoyment of others. I invite you to travel the road with me, and laugh, cry, and generally enjoy the journey – and the paintings, of course.